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We've loved everything that we've bought from California Mutts. We love their tags too!

Claire D

We found out about California Mutts on Etsy. I love their full website. Great selection.

Denise S

Great site. Great products. I've always loved your pet tags, now I can buy matching collars and clothes.

Anthony R

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Blog Post: You Named Your Dog What??

As a pet company that offers personalized products, we get a lot of strange pet name request. Here are a few outstanding ones...

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Most Popular Pet Names requsted from California Mutts Customers

Want to know what the most popular pet names are? Year after year, it's pretty much the same ones. Here are the top pet names from our customers.

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Pet Safety: Keeping an Eye Out for Xylitol

Most pet owners are aware of the dangers of chocolate and grapes when it comes to their dogs health, but less dog owners know about the dangers of Xylitol.

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